• Initial parent / carer consultation: £35

  • 50 minute counselling sessions: £35

  • Counselling review with parents / carers: £35

  • Payable by bank transfer.


Does my child need counselling?

If your child is exhibiting behaviour that is concerning you or their teachers,  if they seem unusually withdrawn, irritable, continuously sad, anxious, aggressive, sleeping habits change, or their behaviour is causing problems at school or home it may be advisable to seek counselling.

Stressful experiences that cause physical symptoms can be alleviated by exploring feelings with a counsellor but these must be checked out by your child’s own doctor first.

How do I make an appointment for an initial consultation?

Please email me or leave a voice message with your telephone number and a convenient time to call you back or if you prefer I am also happy to communicate via email to arrange an initial consultation.

What happens in a consultation?

  • It is important that I speak with you ( parent / carer) on your own to listen to your concerns about your child and gather relevant background information and family history, this helps inform my therapeutic approach, to see if this feels right for your child, and to decide whether or not I can help. I will only work within my own professional limitations and if necessary I will recommend alternative agencies or services that can best meet your child's needs.

  • I will send you copies of my policies in advance to allow you time to read them and give you an opportunity to raise any questions. It is important that you read them thoroughly so that you can give your consent for your child to attend counselling based on the understanding that you agree with the policies. These include, confidentiality, counselling agreement, safeguarding and privacy policy.

  • If we agree for your child to have counselling with me, I will meet with your child at the same time and day, each week for the initial agreed period.

Can my child attend counselling with you if support has been received from other professionals / agencies?

This will be determined on an individual basis. In the best interest of your child it is important that all those involved have written permission from the parent / carer to consult with each other before any counselling commences. Due to the nature of additional work involved an hourly rate of £35 will apply.

How many sessions will my child need?

Children's emotional difficulties vary, their individual needs and the pace your child chooses to work at, to feel ready  to explore their feelings without feeling overwhelmed or pressured, can determine the number of sessions required.  Some children may respond to counselling faster and others with more complex or on-going problems may need more sessions. Initially we can agree a number of sessions together and then review your child's progress between the 11th - 12th session.  Together we can determine if your child needs to continue with counselling, or if counselling is no longer needed then working through an ending with your child is a significant aspect of the counselling process.  3 - 6 weeks’ notice is the recommended period for ending counselling in a meaningful way. Endings are especially important for children who may have experienced loss.  However, it is important that you know, the decision to continue or discontinue the counselling is entirely yours and your child’s.

How long are the sessions?

Each session lasts 50 minutes and are held in my own therapy space in Beckenham.

Will you tell parents / carers / guardians what you talk about in sessions?

I maintain your child's right to confidentiality in counselling, therefore, specific details of your child’s counselling will be confidential to your child.  It allows your child to open up and share feelings without fear of them being discussed elsewhere.  This includes not discussing the work with parents / carers / guardians unless your child requests or gives consent for this.  I acknowledge this is not easy for you, and it is natural for you to feel anxious, but ensuring confidentiality is fundamental for establishing trust so that your child can feel confident to explore freely what is concerning them.  When appropriate, I will arrange to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress.  Further details will be outlined in the Counselling Agreement.

What happens if my child is unable to attend a counselling session?

An important part of the counselling process is consistent attendance however, I also understand situations occur that make attending impossible.  

If your child misses a session without notice, your next planned session will still be available for you the following week (excluding any holidays or planned absences that either you or I have previously discussed & agreed upon, for up to a maximum of two missed sessions).

 Concerning fees:

  • The full session fee is payable if you cancel the session within 48 hours of the appointment time, or if you do not attend your session having given no prior notice of your absence.

  • No fee is charged for my absences – planned or otherwise.

  • Bank holidays are not charged.

What happens if my child is late for a session?

If for any reason you are late for a session, please try and come anyway.  I will always stay at the counselling location for the full session.  When you arrive we’ll make use of what time is available, though I cannot extend the session time due to the next person’s appointment, however, the full fee is still payable.

Do sessions take place during school breaks?

Breaks are a significant part of the therapeutic work. School holidays provide natural breaks, allowing your child space to digest and process the therapeutic work.