What is counselling?

An explanation for your child…



I’m Lisa and I’m a counsellor. I help children and young people express and work through their difficult and painful feelings, such as feeling sad, frightened, angry, frustrated, jealous and so many other different emotions. Sometimes we need help with our thoughts and feelings because they can feel big, controlling and confusing, causing us to behave in other ways but I understand that different behaviours are a young person’s way of letting us know how they feel inside.

Though counselling is not about fixing problems, it does provide a space to help you understand yourself better, work through difficulties, and to develop a healthy way to approach challenges and upsets.

a SAFE space to explore your feelings and thoughts

I provide a safe space for you to explore and work through feelings and thoughts. In the sessions we can feel and think about them together. When we understand our feelings, they can feel less controlling, less confusing, and not so big. Some young people like to talk about how they feel while others like to explore and express their feelings through play, art, games, books, writing, singing, music….it’s your choice. It’s important to me that you feel comfortable, so in the room there are toys, art materials, board games, lego, instruments, sand trays, puppets, and books.



What happens in the sessions are private, but not a secret, I may let your carer / parent know how you’re getting on but I won’t share the details of what you do or what we talk about. This is so they can help you too.

If I am worried that you or someone else you tell me about is unsafe, I will need to tell someone important. This is to keep you and others safe.

You can share what you do or talk about in your sessions with anyone you want to, but you don’t have to and that’s okay too.

Childrens counselling space in Beckenham, South London

Childrens counselling space in Beckenham, South London