As a child counsellor I am:

  • Listening to your concerns about your child

  • Accepting, empathic, non-judgemental and sensitive

  • Listening to your child carefully verbally and non-verbally

  • Authentic and engage with curiosity

  • Attuned to your child’s emotional state

  • Connected

  • Developing trust

  • Following your child’s lead

  • Grounded & emotionally available when difficult feelings arise

  • Co-regulating

  • Understanding and respecting coping & defense mechanisms

  • Validating feelings

  • Facilitating development of self awareness

  • Facilitating your child's innate resourcefulness

  • Supporting your child’s strengths and resilience's

  • Maintaining limited confidentiality

this can allow your child opportunities to:

  • Feel understood

  • Make sense of their feelings and experiences

  • Learn to experience and express emotions authentically

  • Understand bodily sensations as means to make sense of emotional experiences

  • Develop self-compassion

  • Develop the capacity to relate more strongly to others & accept help

  • Cultivate empathy and respect for thoughts and feelings of others

  • Develop self-awareness

  • Develop the capacity to self-regulate

  • Learn to continuously develop resilience

  • Develop creative solutions to problems

  • Increase a sense of worthiness


Emotions are our way of putting meaningful labels on experiences which are felt as a sense of urgency with physical sensations in our body. We can have little awareness of why we react or respond to present experiences in certain ways. When we can make sense of our feelings, experiences, thoughts and bodily sensations they can feel less controlling and less overwhelming enabling us to begin a journey of making conscious changes to our own emotional experience of the world.

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therapeutic play & creativity encourages...

Self awareness & self-expression


Exploration of feelings

Regulation of emotions

Effective responses to difficulties

Stress relief

Exploration of unconscious processes

Control of emotions & reactions